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Dry Erase Board Products

Dry Erase Boards

Porcelain Steel Magnetic
Dry-Erase Boards

  • Aluminum Framed Magnetic Dry-Erase Boards
  • 50 Year Guarantee on Dry-Erase Board Surface
  • Dry-Erase Whiteboards offered in Both Magnetic and Non Magnetic Surface

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Dry-Erase Calendars

  • Dry Erase Calendars with Aluminum Framing
  • 1 Month to 12 Month Dry Erase Calendar Layout
  • Free Personalized Header Available On All Dry-Erase Calendars

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Dry Erase Skins for Walls

Whiteboard Skins for
Walls and Replacements

  • Turn Any Wall Into Dry- Erase Whiteboards
  • Self Adhesive Backed Dry- Erase Skins For Easy Installation
  • Resurface Existing Dry Erase Boards

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Dry Erase Easel

Dry-Erase Easels

  • Dry-Erase Rolling Easels With locking Casters
  • Double Sided Revolving Dry Erase Easel
  • Available With The Option Of Whiteboards on Both Sides or Combination of Cork and Whiteboard

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Dry Erase Horizontal Slider

Horizontal Sliding
Dry-Erase Whiteboards

  • Horizontal Sliding Whiteboards with Aluminum Frame
  • Available With 2 or 4 Track Sliding Whiteboard Panels

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Dry Erase Cabinet

Dry-Erase Board Cabinets

  • Wood Framed Dry Erase Board Cabinet
  • Option to Have Dry Erase on the Inside of the Doors
  • Many Wood Stain Options Available for The Dry Erase Cabinet

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Dry-Erase Boards, Dry-Erase Calendars, Dry-Erase Easels, And Other Dry-Erase Products

Markerboardsplus manufactures the highest quality dry-erase board products. Everyone of our dry-erase boards are manufactured from start to finish in the USA. We are the manufacturer which allows us to have the fastest turn around time and the best pricing available. There is no minimum quantity to order, and we are open to Schools, Hospitals, Churches, Government Agencies, as well as to the public. Markerboardsplus has the right Whiteboards for you!

Dry-Erase Boards are a great way for communicating information to your employees or students. We offer both Non-Magnetic and Magnetic Dry-Erase Boards. All of our Whiteboards will have a life time warranty and are proudly made in the United States. If you need to use your Dry-Erase Boards for projections, we have a low gloss whiteboard surface that will minimize the glare given off by the projector. We also offer full custom printing on the surface of all of our whiteboards, giving you full control over your design with any color print.

Dry-Erase Board Cabinets are the best solution for displaying information and closing the doors to hide information when needed. You have the option to have cork or fabric on the inside of the doors which is standard, or you may convert the the inside of the doors on the dry erase board cabinet to a whiteboard surface as well. This will give you more room in writing the important information you are needing to relay to your staff.

Dry-Erase Easels are both mobile and also revolving. This is great for to move in and out of classrooms and offices and has two surfaces to write on. Both surfaces are magnetic whiteboards and have the porcelain steel dry erase board surface that will last for a lifetime. We do offer a combination of cork on one side and dry-erase on the other if you wish to also use the reversible easel as a tackboard. You can also have this rolling dry erase easel custom printed which is ideal for sports. You can have such things printed as a basketball court to use at half time to guide your team to a win! The uses are endless with the dry erase easels.

Dry Erase Calendars are perfect for scheduling and keeping track of important dates. With a dry erase calendar, you can choose to have a one month, two month, three month, four month, six month, or even a full twelve month layout. We offer each dry erase calendar in both wood and aluminum frame, and also in both magnetic and non magnetic whiteboards. Our magnetic dry erase calendars will come with free magnetic accessories which include months and dates. We offer these dry erase calendars as wall mounted but also have a line of magnetic backed dry erase calendars which are perfect for your refridgerator or filing cabinet.