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Frequently Asked Questions



I don't see the price of shipping on my order form, where can I find this information?
We ship from 8 warehouse locations spread across the United States

We calculate shipping on a case-by-case basis, because we use several freight companies, and some of our customers are close enough to one of our warehouses to pick the order up, allowing the consumer to save money on shipping if possible. 


Does MarkerboardsPlus do pricing for resellers?

Yes & No | Use our order/quote form & tell us you are a reseller | working a bide | contractor | office supply | Military Discounts | School Discounts | ( TELL US IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THE QUOTE FORM)


What is a Quote?

A quote is your estimated cost, including shipping.


How do I put through a Quote? Use the order-quote form which is the same !

You just find the item you'd like a quote on, and go through, and place the order. Then, instead of choosing to pay by credit card, check, etc., there will be an option for a quote.

What is LCS?
Porcelain enamel steel markerboard, available in White.

What is Vitracite?
Porcelain enamel steel chalkboard, available in 3 colors.

What is Colored Cork?
¼" self healing burlap backed cork bulletin board, made from pure natural ingredients, in 12 colors.

What is Fabricork?
Washable vinyl bulletin board, available in 20 colors.

What is Hook-Fab?
Hook and loop compatible (hook-fabric-type) bulletin board, available in 3 colors.

What is Designer Fabric?
100% polyester bulletin board, available in 12 colors.

What is Tan Nucork?
¼" fine grain natural cork, without burlap back.

Can I get samples of your materials? 
Please get a quote first & use your quote number to get the samples !

Yes, click here, for sample request.

Where are your offices and warehouses located?
We have one is Arkansas, Tennessee, New York, Texas, California, and Illinois., Plus a few other locations.

How long does it take for products to ship?
Items that are in stock generally ship within 1-3 days depending on credit approval. Non stock items generally ship in 3-4 weeks. Please note that during the summer these times will be increased due to a large volume of purchases for the next school year.

Can I get modified sizes?  Yes and in most case at no extra charge.
Our catalogs contain an extensive listing of products and sizes to suit every need, but if you need any modifications to any product, feel free to ask us and we will direct you to someone who can attend to your needs.


What markers should I use? Please Note: We do not under any circumstance recommend the use of low quality and/or low odor markers, as they may stain the board.

For porcelain or other steal marker boards and melamine type boards use high quality dry erase markers as sold by MarkerboardsPlus. NOTE: damp dry erase or water soluble can or may be used on standard dry erase boards. High Quality Markers

For Resturant boards use water soluble markers.

Magnetic strips or wipe on wipe off use water-soluble markers. Bright Sticks

How do I clean my dry erase boards?
Porcelain Enamel Steel (LCS) dry erase boards may be washed as often as needed. Porcelain steel is a form of glass, and should be cleaned as such. We recommend using Windex to clean the board. However, try not to let the clean contact wood on the frame of the wood framed boards, as this may damage the lacquer finish of the frame. For more stubborn stains, you can clean the board with isopropyl alcohol.

How do I clean my chalkboards?

Vitracite chalkboards do not require regular washings, and should not be washed daily. Note: Do not use aerosol spray-type chalkboard cleaners on Vitracite chalkboards. Also, the Vitracite chalkboard surface may write and erase more efficiently after a "chalking-in process." This "chalking-in" process is quite simple and requires little time and effort. First, make certain the chalkboard surface is completely dry. Then, using the flat side of a piece of high-grade dustless chalk, chalk the entire surface. With an all felt eraser, using a circular motion, work the chalk into the board surface. Last, clean the board with a good quality dry chamois or soft cotton cloth. A faint "chalked-in" look is normal for a properly cleaned chalkboard surface.

How do I clean my tackboards?
For Colored Cork-

  • Wash with household soap or mild detergent to remove dirt and grime. Rinse, remove excess water and allow to dry.

  • Stubborn stains and soil such as hair oil, lipstick, colored crayon, tape marks, etc., may be removed with cleaning fluids, alcohol or WD-40.

  • Abrasive and/or alkaline cleaners should be avoided

Tan Cork-

  • Soil may be removed by lightly sanding with a very fine sandpaper or by erasing with art gum.

  • We do not recommend washing.


  • Washable, stain-resistant vinyl surface cleans easily with household soap, detergent or non-abrasive cleanser. Avoid harsh abrasives as they may cause the dulling of the vinyl surface.

Hook Fabric and Designer Fabric-

  • Lint, dust and other particles that may adhere to the Hook-Fab or Designer Fabric surface may be removed with a clothes brush or with a "tacky" surface, such as the backside of cellophane tape.

  • Dirty spots may be removed with a sponge and a common household suds detergent or Woolite.

  • Grease stains or wax crayons should be first spot-cleaned with a lighter fluid containing naphtha to remove the solvent soluble matter. Any remaining stain can then be removed by shampooing, using a household upholstery cleaner.

  • Do not over saturate Hook-Fab or Designer Fabric surface with too much water, detergent or upholstery cleaner. Doing so may cause damage to the backing under the fabric.

Does MarkerboardsPlus have any kind of electronic or interactive whiteboard or markerboard?
Yes, We are pleased to offer the OneBoard. Check out the link for more information about our Interactive Whiteboard solution.

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