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Framed Porcelain White Board Walls. Also magnetic with a life time gurantee.

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Aluminum Framed Dry Erase Boards Walls - To Make full walls of dry erase board

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The most practical & economical way to rejuvenate old markerboards and chalkboards - use 208 skins (face sheets) over existing badly- worn boards. 208 white skins are also available with double-sided tape for easy installation. 208 magnetic porcelain steel skins provide yet another option for resurfacing old boards. 208 porcelain enamel steel skins can be applied on the face of slate, composition chalkboard, or slated plaster walls to convert old defective boards into permanent new boards of superior quality. 208 skins are made from aluminized steel sheets, the porcelain surface is fused permanently to the steel. Dry erase board skins provide a colorfast and highly scratch and stain resistant markerboard surface that writes and erases easily and is easy to maintain.