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Accessories Installation For Large Dry Erase Boards, Porcelain Dry Erase Skins, Rolled Cork, Mounted or Un-Mounted Walls. Products: Glue, Pressure Roller, Trowel, & Partition Board Hangers.

Installation accessories for dry erase skin/walls, rolled cork & edge wrapped boards
Adhesives, Trowel, & Pressure rollers
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Installation accessories for dry erase boards and cork boards includes adhesive, serrated steel trowel and pressure roller. Adhesives used for installing framed white boards and cork boards and also unframed markerboards and cork materials. Serrated steel trowel used for spreading adhesive (1/8" notched). Pressure roller used for erecting vertical wall panels of dry erase board and chalkboard skins. Also used for erecting cork board walls and fabric covered edge wrapped tack board walls.