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Interactive Markerboard - Dry Erase Boards with Interactive Technology


Interactive Whiteboard
(Interactive Dry Erase Board with all the software included)
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Digital Ready and Solution whiteboards offer an economical interactive technology solution. Not only do you get the highest up-to-date technology, benefits consist of easy installation, GREEN GUARD certification and a porcelain writing surface guarantee of 50 years. The eBeam Enabled Solution whiteboards give immediate interactivity. Digital Ready whiteboards provide flexibility in preparation and paying for interactive classrooms, offices and conference rooms with ‘buy now/upgrade with electronics later’ capabilities. Your OneBoard™ for interactivity is a dry erase whiteboard, projection surface and is perfect for displaying important documents using magnets. Combine the easiness and endurance of a porcelain surface whiteboard, power of a computer and front projection for a complete interactive encounter with vivid images, video and audio. Device driver software allows the OneBoard™ to act as a Human Input Device (HID) like a mouse. With open architecture there is no requirement to tie yourself to a particular software platform. An image is projected on the OneBoard™ surface from a digital projector linked to the host computer’s video output. The combination of mouse and keyboard emulation lets the handler control the computer display nearly entirely from the OneBoard™. The OneBoard™ surface has a limited lifetime warranty and can be written on with dry-erase, semi-permanent, water soluble, permanent marker, pen or crayon without harming the surface. A dry rag, standard eraser or cleaner simply removes the  text off the standard off white porcelain steel surface. These are also offered in light gray Projection Plus® porcelain steel, reducing the glare up to 60%.  You will need to use a wet rag to clean the surface entirely. A slight amount of ghosting can happen.

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