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Interactive Whiteboard Easel

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Interactive Board - Dry Erase Board with all the software included.
You Might Need>>>  Alum Fr   Wood Fr   Wall Sliding    Full Walls    Porcelain Skins     Easels  Combos   Cabinets 
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Digital Ready and Solution markerboards provide a cost effective interactive technology solution. In addition to the most up-to-date technology, benefits include ease of installation, GREENGUARD certification and a 50 year porcelain writing surface guarantee. The eBeam Enabled Solution markerboards provide instant interactivity while Digital Ready markerboards offer flexibility in planning and paying for interactive classrooms, offices and conference rooms with ‘buy now/upgrade with electronics later’ capabilities. Your OneBoard™ for interactivity, dry erase whiteboard, projection surface and magnetic displays that will last a LIFETIME. Combine the simplicity and durability of a porcelain surface whiteboard, power of a computer and front projection for a full interactive experience with vivid images, video and audio. Device driver software enables the OneBoard™ to act as a Human Input Device (HID) like a mouse. Open architecture. No requirement to tie yourself to a particular software platform. An image is projected on the OneBoard™ surface from a digital projector connected to the host computer’s video output. The combination of mouse and keyboard emulation allows the user to control the computer display almost exclusively from the OneBoard™. The OneBoard™ surface with a limited lifetime warranty can be written on with dry-erase, semi-permanent, watersoluble, permanent marker, pen or crayon without damaging the surface. A dry cloth, standard eraser or cleaner easily removes writing from the standard off white porcelain steel surface. Also available in light gray Projection Plus® porcelain steel, cutting glare up to 60%. Requires a wet cloth to completely clean surface. A small amount of ghosting may occur.