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Mounted Colored Cork on hardboard

Mounted Colored Cork
Colored Cork on hardboard -  (12 attractive colors available)
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Our colored cork is offered as rolled cork or mounted cork on 1/4" hardboard. The colored cork is formed from renewable materials. The blend of oxidized linseed oil, resin, cork and pigments used in the creation of the colored cork provide its flexibility and resilience. Our mounted colored cork has a flat, uniformly dense, soft face with outstanding sturdiness. There are 12 color options for colored cork. Mounted colored cork is often used in schoolrooms and hallways, public locations, personnel areas, patient accommodations in medical facilities, on walls in conference quarters, and board rooms. It is globally friendly; no pollutants or injurious fumes. This mounted color cork is self-healing cork which helps to keep it looking new. Tacks input without difficulty and hold tightly in the cork. The colored cork is resilient and has a washable exterior.

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