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Mounted Tan Cork on hardboard or duracore

Mounted Tan Cork
Mounted Tan Cork on hardboard or duracore - Unframed cork boards
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Mounted tan cork is a cost effective tack board surface. Tan nucork is authentic grain genuine cork without burlap backing. This cork has a an even, resilient face perfect for use with pins or thumbtacks. Our tan cork is fire rated, it has a Class B fire rating based on ASTME84 tunnel test as follows: flame spread - 65, smoke developed - 70. It also meets military specification MIL-C-15116, Type II. Our mounted tan cork is attached to hardboard or duracore. We offer the tan cork in standard sizes or cut to the size you need. The mounted tan cork is available in lengths up to 16'. This tan cork is a great sound proofing material for reducing noise. It is also a good option for existing frames.

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