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Colored Self Healing Rolled Cork. (1/4 Inch Thick). Great for Wall Bulletin & Sound Proofing.

Rolled Colored Cork
Self Healing Rolled Colored Cork - For wall covering, sound-proofing or to make your own board)
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Markerboardsplus has colored cork that is shaped from renewable resources. The mixture of oxidized linseed oil, resin, cork and pigments provide the colored cork its elasticity and pliability. Our color cork rolls have an even, uniform concentration, soft surface with excellent endurance. Claridge colored cork rolls are utilized in laboratories and entries in schools, public areas, employee quarters, and patient rooms in clinics and on the walls in conference areas and board rooms around the world. This rolled color cork is ecologically friendly; containing no toxic or dangerous vapors. The self-healing colored cork roll surface is resilient and tacks go in easily, and stay tightly in the cork. The colored cork surface is easy to clean with a little soap and water. If you are looking for something to aide in sound proofing colored cork could be a good choice.

Mounted Color Cork
Cork and Tack boards
Bulletin Board Walls

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