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Wall Mounted Directory Cabinets & Cases

Wall Mounted Directory Cabinets & Cases
 Wood & Aluminum Framed (grooved felt or vinyl for directory letters)
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We sell glass enclosed wall hung display directory case cabinets. These letter directory cabinets  provide a source for displaying information wherever it is needed. A wall mounted directory case cabinet is great for giving guidance, displaying photographs, drawings and keeping announcements updated. There is a grooved vinyl or felt back panel letter directory for use with directory letters. Our directory case cabinet is offered with wood and aluminum frames. There are several color options for the vinyl or felt back panel. There are directory case cabinets for indoor and outdoor use. Keep the church congregation, the customers coming through your lobby, or anyone you need to informed with our letter directory. You can also lock your letter directory so only the people who need to update information. Our directory case could be a perfect communication tool for your organization.

Freestanding Display Directory Case
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