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Beautiful Wood Framed Bulletin Board Cabinets. Enclosed w/ Safety Glass meeting OHSA standards. Many Tacking surface choices. Safety Locks included.

Bulletin Board Cabinets With Wood Frame

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Our company distributes glass enclosed, open face, wall hung, or freestanding wood frame bulletin board and directory board cabinets. These bulletin board cabinets make a place for you to put on view information wherever it is needed. You could provide directions, display drawings, or photos, keep information up to date in these beautiful wood framed bulletin board cabinets and directory cases.  A tack able back panel can be in a compatible color for displaying bulletins or a grooved vinyl or felt back panel for use as a directory by means of white molded plastic letters, numbers, and punctuation. These wood frame bulletin board cabinets are available in many wood finishes. There are also multiple choices of fabrics. They are ideal for a school hall way by aiding with guiding the students in the right direction.

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