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Wood Framed Porcelain Magnetic w/ Fused Grid Lined Dry Erase Boards

Wood Framed Dry Erase Grid Boards
Standard Black grid, colored grid and ghost grid boards)
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Markerboardsplus has superior wood frame dry erase grid board and more. Our grid board lines are printed onto the grid board face so they are everlasting. Dry erase grid boards are in a variety of options such as horizontal line boards, vertical line boards, 1x1 grid, 1x2 grid, and many more. We have a standard dry erase grid board or we can custom make your grid board to suit your requirements. We have magnetic accessories if you choose a magnetic grid board. Our wood frames are beautiful and in several wood finish colors. We also carry whiteboard schedule planners, dry erase in and out planners, event planners, and a lot more. The custom built grid board is very long lasting and reasonably priced. We have very intelligent graphic designers that are capable and willing to assist with the creation of your custom printed dry erase board. Our staff has helped many to create their custom whiteboard such as medical facilities, law enforcement training, school whiteboards, and endless others.

Aluminum Frame Grid Board
Wood Frame Horizontal Line Board
Magnetic In/Out Planner

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