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Wood Framed Magnetic Dry Erase White Boards

Wood Framed Dry Erase Whiteboards
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We sell the best wood frame whiteboards in the United States. The porcelain is baked onto the steel surface of the whiteboards to form a level, clean writing surface. The steel face sheet grants the whiteboard the ability to accept magnets. Our porcelain steel whiteboards are made of 24 gauge steel. The dry erase writing surface is effortless to clean and erase for at least 50 Years. That's why our wood framed whiteboard is the number one selection for corporation and school use. Several sizes are "Quick Ship" and will ship from one of our many warehouses in 1-2 business days and get to you not long after. We have a number of warehouses from the East to West coast. We make custom whiteboards with beautiful hand crafted wood finishes like Cherry or Mahogany. We have the ability to print graphic images, lines, letters, logos and more on our dry erase whiteboards feel free to make inquiries about your custom needs. If you're looking for the best dry erase whiteboard to be had in the industry, you've found it. We have an excellent selection of dry erase whiteboards available for you to pick from. These wood framed whiteboards are ideal for offices, schoolrooms, households, and more. If you are in need of a uncommonly large dry erase whiteboard for a larger meeting room we do carry models as tall as 5'. These whiteboards are vast enough to allow the entire room a clear view. If space is an issue we have many other options that could work for you. If mounting a board on the wall does not work for you, you can choose an A-frame dry erase whiteboard mounted on an easel that can be simply stored when it is not in use. If you need to replenish a damaged whiteboard that still has a useable frame, we provide whiteboards without the frame. Be conservative with money by only replacing the dry erase part of the board you have.

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